The Changing Trend Of Modern Day Festivalization

With the changing desire of the audience for fun and excitement, many events and conferences are adopting some drastic changes for presentations and promotions. This evolved the conceptual trend of “festivalization in popular and crowded events.

What is Festivalization?

Festivalization is a expansive event trend, heavily fueled up by the crowd’s desire to dive into a multi-day extravaganza. Another element of festivalization is the “cross-pollination” of various corporates or some tech and creative industries. Several events have already embraced this trend.

As our youth gets more captivated with good experiences over ownership, and they keep hunting for an opportunity to add fun and value to their Instagram collection, most event planners have to be wise with approaching many ways to satisfy their audience’s desires.


The Best Approach for Event Festivalization

Simply propelling an entertainment or other trending offerings is no longer a promising way to successfully embrace this trend. Doing so, would not only lack authenticity, but could also turn out to be more expensive in terms of ROI, and may even create a disconnect between the organizer and the event’s primary objective.

All Event Planners (EPs) who plan to festivalize their event have to design it with a purpose, considering people-first. This involves a scientific analysis of their audience. EPs should conduct an extensive and comprehensive design process with the help of an expert team to help them drive the event’s design in a premeditated manner and aimed at the individuals and key objectives. The primary idea is to also choose the best elements to add, following a thorough design analysis.


Best Ways to Thoughtfully “Festivalize” Your Event:

After conducting the design and analysis processes, an EP and other experts can list out these key festivalization methods:

1.Bridging the gap between creativity or entertainment and the business points for a richer audience experience in both areas of the event

2.Using freebies/free entries to some parts of the events, to engage a broader audience

3.Using multiple performers from celebrities to local participants, to create entertainment throughout the extravaganza to increase the viral marketing potentials

4.Integrating the energies of pitch sessions for unwilted interactions and opportunities

5.Hybridizing events to allow your audience to wallow in a variety of creative interests, and to maximize their learning potentials

6.Creating a ticketing plans with multi-day and premium opportunities to fulfil audience’s demands

7.Using a variety of venues throughout the multi-day fun events, to allow audience to mix up the environment and vibes, in the most appealing way.

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