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The BookUrEvent, is India’s first and largest online ticket selling marketplace, launched in Nov 2017. The BookUrEvent.com platform assists the organizers to showcase their events all by themselves. Yes, you heard it right! Organizers can actually list any sort of events in any location they wish to. Organizers across India will have the access to this excellent stage to exhibit their experiences to their audience, all by themselves.

Further, there are no restrictions neither on the number of events an organizer can list nor on the timing of listing. BookUrEvent facilitates you to not only market your event digitally, but also sell tickets for your event, hassle-free. It also provides various discount codes and social media referrals, to boost the sales of the tickets. The advanced tool helps the promoter of the events to have a well-knit integrated system for administering and controlling all the online sales and marketing.

Tired of your busy and stressful life?? Exhausted from the tedious work day in and day out?? Well, it’s time to take a break and relax from daily fuzz and buzz of life. We all are much aware about the known fact, that experiencing something exciting, in a live moment, is definitely the best way to rejuvenate and feel completely relaxed. However, planning and searching for such zest-filled live experiences is another tiresome task. Endless hours of Google-hunt and innumerable phone-calls are required to search one crazy, worthy experience. The entire process of hunting this is so cumbersome that the inner excitement is actually drained out.

The story is the same for the organizers of such thrilling events. Even these hard working people become extremely overtired in the process of placing their event to the right audience. Days and months and oodles of money are spent in getting their events popular among their target audience. Even then, the desired results are not achieved. These chaos around have caused the founding to bookUrEvent.com, where your hunt for the best event ticketing websites, ends peacefully.

The main purpose of this platform is to bridge the vast gap between the organizers and their target audience. It acts as a catalyst to fuel enthusiasm in both the parties and hence enrich their respective experiences. Be it anything – Theatre shows, plays, camping, trekking, adventure activities, stand-up shows, exhibitions, rocking gigs, screening documentaries, food festivals, city tours, workshops and the list is never-ending. You name it and you can list it - all on the BookUrEvent.com. Imagine the easy experience that the target audience will have in searching for an event of their taste and booking it online seamlessly. Moreover, the same can be done for any location with an endless number of a variety of options available. Certainly, BookUrEvent is here to give you a blast! Welcome on board all the organizers and LIST your fabulous event on our fabulous platform NOW!


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Our online portal is dedicated to selling tickets for events, activities, special shows, concerts, tour packages, shortterm courses, etc. We are committed to providing quality services in a timely manner. Our mod of services aims to save your time and efforts of online ticket booking, simultaneously giving you the facility to check the current status. Viewers can also search any activity or event according to cities and upcoming dates, and can immediately purchase tickets within minutes of online process.

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Our motto is to spread and showcase your ideas across the nation. We provide you with a convenient way to promote your event or activity, free of cost. Once you register, you will get a hassle free platform to advertise your at the wide internet network. So, what are you waiting for? Click the partner login in our home page and join us today. Selling events is absolutely free with us.

It’s time to take a break and relax from daily fuzz and buzz of life. Discover your city and order tickets with #BookUrEvent.